About Us

Sell Car Direct has been recently established. We buy a large amount of cars per month. We have a great idea of what people are looking for from a car dealer.
Over the years we have noticed a change in the way people are disposing of their cars. In the past most people were happy to part exchange their car whilst buying a new one but recently we have noticed that a lot more people are finding it easier to sell a car for cash and then have the money to buy other things which may be more important in the short term.

That is why we at Sell Car Direct have developed a customer friendly and very successful method of helping you sell your car for the cash you deserve. Call 0478 900 435 for an instant price for your car.


We tend to find the reasons that someone is selling their car are many and varied but whatever the reasons we understand that selling your car can be stressful and risky.

These are the reasons that we have created this safe and risk free method of selling your car and actually getting the value that your car deserves. With our fast in person car valuation and direct payment methods why would you sell your car to anyone else?

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and the morals we developed through years of selling cars have been transferred over to our buying car department and we promise that you will not be hassled, hounded or bullied into a decision which you are not happy with. 

There are several reasons why our customers choose us

  • Our drivers are friendly, approachable, caring and professional. All our staff our fully trained.
  • Our prices are transparent and we never have any hidden charges!
  • Our response time is super fast, usually same day!
  • We are always realistic with our customers, what you see is what you get, we will never mislead you, or agree to a job we could not fulfil.
  • We always keep our word and try our very best to arrive on time for our customers, taking into account traffic and unforeseeable events in and around the area.
  • We will always keep you in the know if we are running behind or cannot get to you at an agreed time for any reason.